Here is a sampling of frequently asked questions.

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Are your facilities and products certified with any recognized food safety or quality systems?

Yes. We are HACCP certified since 2009.

Do you have a system in place to ensure compliance with Canadian Food and Drugs and Regulations and all other relevant standards? (CFIA)

Yes. Akme Poultry ensures continued compliance with all relevant standards and has a CFIA inspector in our facility.

Do you have a traceability system and maintain records of batch codes of materials used?

Yes. We have put everything in place to be able to trace all our products no matter when they were produced or where they were shipped. Codes are on all of our products and are monitored by our Quality Control team.

Do you have effective procedures to avoid cross-contamination of the product with the allergens not present in the product?

Yes. None of the products and/or ingredients arriving into our facility contain allergens. We have also put a monitoring system in place.

Do you maintain a supplier approval program and have letters of guarantee on file?

Yes. All of our suppliers are approved by CFIA.

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